Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Stardoll is turning 3 years old and this is what i found out ! Click the image and READ in amazement !!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


If you have bought the last collection of LE you should recieve a gift which is a pendant with the LE logo.

So i got these pictures from The Stardoll Insiders And looks like these are the new coming out soon LE collections ! Don't they look kool?


Lottery Dress !!

Look at this ! The new dress thats out on stardoll looks exactly the same as the beige lottery dress that was given out last year. Well i don't really care but i am going to buy it Lol. Its like a rare to me now. But stardoll REALLY shouldn't copy dresses and try making it look different.

Vote for me.?

So i am really bored and i just created this scenery and i think its a masterpiece and the bestest scenery i have ever done. I want my scenery to win so please vote for it at:

Do you think?

Heeey. So i was checking out the new doll of Shy'm and came to find this beautiful stunning top. Do you think it will come out on stardoll? Well i hope so because i love it and i want it now! lOLz

Sunday, 12 April 2009

SpoilErs !

These are the 2009 hotbuys ! Gorgeous and a lot of vintage inspired too !
Picture from The Stardoll Insiders.

These are the dresses that are coming Soon ! From
They look fab and i just can't wait !!

Friday, 10 April 2009

ADvertISe !

If you want us to advertise your blog or club website then just simply send us the picture (logo) link and the link for the website in the comments area for this topic and we will advertise it on the right side of this blog !

News Update !

More new LE collections and whoever buys a piece will recieve a free LE charm.
New starbazaar shop layout coming soon !

If you want to join competitions then click on the links below: