Saturday, 31 January 2009

Have you seen this?!

Hey Guys It`s Swimmy. I was looking around stardoll and really having the feeling I want this skirt. 
So if you know someone selling it OR Will sell it to me contact me on stardoll. 

Friday, 30 January 2009

DKNY Collection 2009 ...coming Soon...

What are those eh?
New DKNY collections..
seems like those are new DKNY collection 2009 coming soon....

So thats the reason why Stardoll didn't let us excess DKNY shop and noted that it was closed for remodelling..
cOOl ! i Can't Waiit

x x


Oh Em Gee`
New DKNY preview.
Go to the MAG and check it out!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hotel for dogs!?

Whats up with this Hotel for dogs contest!?
It`s SO hard.
All i found was Friday the dog!!
What about you?


There have been news that there is going to be a new Styling Studio and it looks waayy better and easier to use..(i hope. LOL)
I can't wait when it comes out !!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Coming Back.

The Stardoll Staff keep on bringing back old clothes. I know for me, and people who collect all these old rares, are spending tons of money trying to get them. Then it comes back to the star plaza for only a couple of dollars..?

Two examples here.
The Olsen twins leather jacket and the Chinese dress..?
All I want to know is if there are going to bring back the old DKNY... Could be possible the way they are acting now!


The new HB Earrings are in! What do you think of them?
We love to here your thoughts!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Coming Soon....

Spoiler: New lOgo for Style Express Magazine ...
Coming Soon..


Hey! I am a new writer here at Stardoll Lately. And I am very excited! LOL. 
Again I would like to thank the wonderful owner, emeraldroxx, for letting me write here.
Check me out on Stardoll my username is Swimmy404 and my real name is Lulu.
Thanks! See Ya soon!
P.S. I just took that pic above to show you what I look like ^^. LOL.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Magazine's and BloGs?

Members from Stardoll have been releasing loads of Magazine and new blogs...Are these the new trends? Eternity mag have been seemed to close and have been replaced by a new magazine called Edge Magazine.

New magazines like Bloom Magazine and lots more that are still hidden.
Blogs ? Wow well that is just something thats huge you can't even describe about. ! You know it, EveryBoDy loves goSs!P !

Hotbuys coming soon...

These New Hotbuys look really Hot ! I just hope that they are for non-superstars too. I love that Cheetah sweater just can't wait till i get my hands on them (well i hope, at least) LOL.

Bloom Magazine

Spoiler of a new magazine:

Can't wait till the magazine is released ! The graphics looks amazing as Eternity's.


The DKNY shop has been closed. Which means there might be new DKNY collections coming out soon ! Can't Wait !!
What does this mean? Its all crossed out are we supposed to buy it. If its only limited then why is it still in Starplaza. It should n't be there.

Happy New 2009 YeAR !!

It is a new beginning for everyone and epically this new blog too !! Happy New Year to everyone once again !