Monday, 28 December 2009


Go to:
In the box write something you want to achieve in the future and hit enter and the shirt should be in your suite!

Sorry i haven't been updating this blog and have been away for a long while. I don't go on Stardoll as much as before, so i don't get too addicted..but i still will be posting cool stuff so do follow us!

Thursday, 8 October 2009


I found this on another proxy site..
is it going to come soon to the normal stardoll too?

PLus they look awesome!

Friday, 25 September 2009


These are the October hotbuys ! Don't they look stylish? I adore the looks so classy ! Can't wait till its out !

UPDATE: ALSO NEW pink hotbuys shoes are out! So what will you be buying? Well in my opinion ill be buying everything! Octobers hotbuys is just so kool PLus my birthday is on October too. LoLZ

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I think these two outfits are awesome! Betsey Johnson and Marc Jacobs ! And they are both non superstar !


Saturday, 12 September 2009

Simple Non-Superstar Looks!

First Look- Total Price- $26:
Stardoll Pencil Skirt - $7
Pretty in pink- Wide belt with flower- $4
Bisou S-S top $5
KHOLS candie's shocked turtleneck - $5
Bisou- Multi Strap Stilettos- $5

Second Look- Total Price- $25 :
Stardoll Pencil Skirt - $7
Pretty in Pink Whitney Port Shirt- $5
Pretty in Pink Ballerina Pumps $4
Bisou S-S top $5
Decades CC Belt- $1
Decades Long Pearl Necklace $3

Third Look- Total Price- $22:
Stardoll Pencil Skirt - $7
Stardoll Red tie $4
KHOLS Candie's Cinched sweater $6
Bisou Pointed Platform Court shoes $5

By Emeraldroxx

Hola Brand (GLITCH)

I was searching on starplaza and came across these two items with "brand tags" called "Hola" i think it was an old brand before starplaza existed according to researches. So i suppose the glitch still exists which is really strange. If you want to buy these just simply search red and go to the last page to find the scarf and to find the sneakers simply click shoes and the color black and click search and at the last page you should find it if not search all pages.

P.S I think that the Hola Scarf is kinda good looking even though its years old.